180 Behavioral Health, PLLC

Consultation, Training, and Resources 
for Healthcare Professionals and Parents

Case Consultation

180 Behavioral Health currently offers Case Consultation for healthcare professionals seeking advisement in the following areas:

  • assessment and referral
  • diagnosis
  • psychotropic medications (from a clinician's perspective only)
  • treatment planning
  • family dynamics
  • intervention
  • violence risk assessment


Behavioral Health Marketing

We create incredibly unique, specifically tailored tools for marketing behavioral health programs. Whether it's a video, a flyer, digital media, social media, or complete marketing campaigns, 180 has the skills and the clinical expertise to market your practice like no one else can. Click the button below to view some samples from our portfolio.

Program Development

180 Behavioral Health offers program development services focused on child and teen mental health and substance abuse treatment. We have developed child and adolescent treatment programs in Ashe, Avery, and Watauga Counties from the ground up. Our Avery County program was designated a "Program of Excellence" by the NC Council of Community Programs. Using basic services, we can help your agency to build a successful, self sustaining treatment program that will serve the needs of your community.

Training and Presentations

We named our Training and Presentation Program "Clinical Elevation" because that's exactly what we want to do. Bring your clinical practice to a higher level. As therapists, we know the value of good, relevant training. We believe that ongoing therapist education is central to bettering our profession as a whole. In this light, we offer training on various topics related to mental health and substance abuse. We also provide presentations regarding child, adolescent, and family mental health and substance abuse issues upon request. Fees for presentations are based on group size, materials needed, distance, and length of time requested. Click on the logo below to visit our training site, Clinical Elevation.

Program Consultation

We like to think of this service as diagnosis and treatment for your child and adolescent programs. We can be an objective resource in helping you identify potential problems, solve fiscal and community issues, and help you to make your program run more smoothly overall.


For those students or therapists looking for child and adolescent specific supervision or supervision geared toward the medical/behavioral collaborative model, we can provide you with board approved** hours toward obtaining your license. This may involve direct or indirect supervision as you work with families, teens, and kids. We typically provide supervision in individual and group formats. 

**Board approved supervision, at this time, refers to the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. Board approved supervision is dependent upon approval of supervision arrangements by the board.