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Release of Information   Healthcare providers can download a release of information here. This is needed for case consultation.


My Family Substance Use Policy UPDATED- This is an excellent resource for parents of teens who are abusing drugs and alcohol.

What if My Child-Child Version - Planning form for developing rules and consequences.

What if My Child-Adolescent Version

Do I Enable my Child? - Are you bailing your kid out of consequences they might need to make better choices?

How to keep adults off your back!:  Just what it sounds like!

Feeling Chart 


ATTENTION: Please note that any presentations (powerpoint, pdf files, or other information) are the sole, copyrighted property of 180 Behavioral Health, PLLC and Joseph W. Dickson where indicated. These materials may not be used for any training, presentation, or educational purpose without the written consent of 180 Behavioral Health, PLLC. Other materials listed below are freely available on the internet.  

Adolescent Depression.pdf

Information for Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse Training 9/23/09


Prescription drugs

Prescription Report

Inhalant Resource Book


Child and Adolescent ADHD Training 11/15/10

Evaluation and Treatment of Child and Adolescent ADHD

What Parents and Teachers Should Know about ADHD

Daily School Report Cards-ADHD

Daily Report Cards for Home-ADHD


Childhood Impact of Domestic Violence 9/18/12

Environment Injurious


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