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Consultation, Training, and Resources 
for Healthcare Professionals and Parents

What is a Clinical Advisory Consultant? These are the professionals with whom we regularly consult should the need arise. These are some of the professionals on whom we depend to make sure we're doing the best job we can.

We like to think that we're smart enough to know how much we don't know! While we will certainly be able to assist you with a lot of different issues, we can't know it all. (If anyone acts like they do know it all... it's probably a smart decision to run in the other direction). Over the years, we have collaborated with these professionals to provide you with the best, most thorough care possible. Now, we're collaborating with them to provide the best consultation, program development, and training available. 

In the end, you might be working directly with one consultant... but you'll be benefitting from the expertise of many.  

Michael J. Vannoy, MA, LPCA, LCAS

CAC Consultant for:

Adult and Adolescent Substance Abuse 

Substance Abuse and the Legal System

Dr. Kurt Michael

CAC Consultant for:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

School-based assessment and treatment

Psychological Testing

Blue Ridge Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Inc.

CAC Consultant for:


Medical conditions impacting behavioral health

Differential Diagnosis

Dr. Jon Winek

CAC Consultant for:

Family Systems Treatment

Marriage and Family Therapy